A Match-up Nightmare

blog pictureImagine that you are a college basketball coach. One of the jobs that you have is scouting the opposing team that you will be competing against that week. First, you start with studying the opposing team’s players. You ask, “How can I limit this player’s impact on the game?”

Well, beads of sweat start to form on your head as you study a certain player on the opposing team. First thing you notice is that he shoots from three extremely well. So, you think you’ll put a fast guard on him to close out and limit those shots. However, if you do that he is so strong he can power past them to the rim with great ball handling.

Okay, then you decide it might be best to put a large forward on him that can limit threes and stop him from getting to the rim with his strength. This, strategy has a weakness as well though. He is too fast to put a bigger defender on him. He will be able to slash to the rim at will.

This is the conundrum that basketball coaches face when they have to scout BYU and Elijah Bryant. He is a mismatch for other opponents to prepare for. Because of his skillset and body build Bryant has been able to score 20 points plus in 11 games this season.

Another way that Bryant is a matchup nightmare is how efficient that he is on the offensive side. He averages this season a total of 11 shots a game. This means that he doesn’t try to force a bad shot. He understands the mismatch that he creates and exploits it at the right time. This causes him to be impossible to stop completely because if you guard him one way, he waits, figures it out, then exploits the weakness.

Bryant is the best player for BYU this season because of this match up nightmare and how consistent he is during a season of inconsistency from his teammates. Lets really take notice of how special this guy is and enjoy this talent while he plays for BYU.

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